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My promise to you is that I will give you treatment recommendations to the best of my knowledge and skills to address your areas of concern.


I will provide tailor-made, bespoke treatments that give you ‘beautifully natural results’ that compliment and embrace your uniqueness.


My assurance to you is that I continue to update my expertise, skills, and techniques at every opportunity along with having the latest technology available so I can offer you the best possible results.


Working in aesthetics allows me to fully embrace the perfectionist in me alongside a meticulous eye for detail.


Treating you is my privilege and honour and seeing your confidence grow following a treatment session is the highest compliment and my greatest joy.

Ruth x

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My Story

I grew up with two wonderfully strong female influences in my life, my Mum and my Nana, both having trained as nurses and so naturally I followed in their footsteps by training as a registered nurse.


I have worked in trauma, surgery including plastics, and palliative care before taking what felt like a natural progression into the world of aesthetics following the loss of my Mum.


I love to be creative and have always had a passion for makeup and the incredible transformations you can create.


I keep up with the latest advancements in skincare, nutrition, and wellness including the menopause minefield, so aesthetics was the perfect transition for me which I embrace wholeheartedly.

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